Sometimes having a Poker Coach is the Only Answer to Your Gaming Struggles!

1. Introduction

Any sport or game you play tends to get to the point where you start asking yourself what your limit is. The same applies to poker, can you move higher up the ladder or have you reached the point where your knowledge and ability can take you no further. This is when you must question your goals and evaluate your performance against them.

The crunch question that you must decide on is whether you want to achieve higher levels. If the answer is affirmative the next question should be, if you can do it on your own. If you can’t do it on your own, the next step should be to evaluate the available options to improve your poker play. This will be the time to decide between self-study and hiring a Poker coach.

2. Self-Study or a Poker Coach

The game of poker with its different variants have been studied by many people, who wrote thousands of books, blogs, articles, web pages, training manuals and made videos all in an attempt to try and explain poker to the uninformed, help people improve their game and off course to make extra money out of the game they love to play. Surely there are people who write for other philanthropic reasons but almost every person hopes that their book will be the next poker bestseller.

All this is aimed at the more general topics that affect a broad range of people playing poker. In contrast with all this, a poker coach interacts on a one on one basis with the player he coaches and his coaching is aimed at helping individuals to improve their understanding of poker. This is to enable the player to become a better player who can play on higher levels and earn more money from poker.

3. What is a Poker Coach?

The question “What is a poker coach” can be answered with the following : A poker coach is somebody knowledgeable in the game of poker and its variants which can help a player at a certain skills level and identify their areas which need development and teach them certain skill sets to improve those areas and implement them to reach a higher level on which they can play poker. If you are not an improved player who understands and know the reasons why your game improved after receiving coaching you wasted your money.

4. How can a coach help you?

A poker coach is somebody that will study your different plays and hands to identify what your weaknesses are and define the required improvements that you must implement to compete at a higher level. You will receive poker lessons on an individual basis and not as part of a group.

5. The cost of coaching

Coaching must not be viewed as something cheap that requires a once-off payment and you receive a lesson or two and suddenly you move into the higher stakes and games. Coaching is a process which will cost you money because the coach is using the time that he could have played poker and earn money to coach you. There are different level coaches who charge different rates according to their own level of poker. If their hourly winnings come to say £50 per hour that is roughly what you must expect to pay. If you just have a basic knowledge of Poker it will be best to first learn the basics and the terminology before hiring a top coach who is too expensive to teach you the basic terminology. This will also ensure that you benefit the most from your coaching sessions. If your level of play improved and you are winning larger stakes more regularly the cost of the coaching will be offset by the increased winnings. The ROI will be increased and will justify the spending.

6. Poker lessons for beginners

Another valid question is if a novice receives poker coaching won’t they have a faster path to becoming a professional poker player. To get poker lessons for beginners will definitely ensure that the novice is on a higher growth path than the beginner who must learn on his own how to play poker. It must be realised that unless you have bundles of money that you want to get rid of it won’t be feasible to make use of a high-level coach that is going to charge you £100 an hour.

7. Conclusion

Every poker player reaches a stage where they can’t grow further without getting a poker coach and it is wise to realise it as soon as possible.