Online Casino Variants of Poker Games Worth Checking Out

Live dealer poker is now, one of the most popular ways of enjoying passive sports while making some money. In fact, poker money has been used to fund historical events. For example, Richard Nixon’s very first campaign was funded by his poker earnings. Among the biggest wins in poker, was a mum who took home 618m British pounds.

Also known as video poker online, it is a game with people from all over the world, creating profiles and making money out of it. -But, before you rush to make the first deposit in your account, you have to understand poker and its variants. Pro players know the game inside out. To master the tricks for earning from poker, you must be familiar with the basics.

An ascending (highest to lowest) list of poker hands

  • Royal flush – A, K, Q, J, 10, all the same suit
  • Straight flush -Five cards in a sequence, all in the same suit
  • Four of a kind -All four cards of the same rank
  • Full house – Three of a kind with a pair
  • Flush – Any five cards of the same suit but are not in a sequence
  • Straight – Five cards in a sequence but are not of the same suit
  • Three of a kind – Three cards that are of the same rank
  • Two pair – Two unlike pairs
  • Pair – Two cards of the same rank
  • High card – In cases where you haven’t made any of the nine hands above, the highest card plays. For example, the jack plays as the highest card.

Online Casino Variants of Poker Games Worth Checking Out

Casino Hold’em

Since 2007, when the game was first licensed in the United Kingdom, Casino Hold’em has increasingly become favourable among poker players.

What is casino hold em?

Casino Hold’em is a poker variant modelled to be dealt by a usurer for casino patrons to play in the main casino. What this means is, opponents play against the house, instead of other players. Determined by the qualification of the dealer, Casino Hold’em is a straight competition between the player’s hand and the dealer’s.

Live Casino Hold’em rules

  • A standard 52-card deck is used to play the game.
  • Each opponent has to make an Ante bet and a voluntary AA bonus side bet.
  • Both the opponent and the dealer are each given two cards (face down)
  • Then, three cards are added on to the board, thus comprising of five cards.
  • Players have to check out their cards before choosing to a) Fold with no further, thereby losing the ante bet b) Make a Call bet, of two times the Ante bet
  • In the instance where one or several players make a Call bet, the croupier has to deal two more cards to the board, for a total of five.
  • Croupiers and players make their best five card poker hand from the two cards they have and five cards from the board.
  • The hand of every player must be compared with the croupiers.
  • For the dealer to qualify, they must have a pair of 4 or something better.
  • Assuming the croupier does not qualify, the bet will pay according to the Antewin pay table, while the Call bet becomes a push (stand off).
  • If the dealer gets to qualify but the player’s hand is better, payment is determined by the Antewin pay table, while the Call bet pays 1-1.
  • If the croupier qualifies and their hand is equal to the opponent’s all bets are a push.
  • Once the dealer qualifies and their hand is better, then the player loses all their bets.

The main advantage of live casino Hold’em is the fact that you can play from anywhere, as long as you got a device (PC, smarthphone or tablet) and a reliable internet connection. For more live casino poker articles and tips, visit our archive.