Can’t Figure Out Which Slot Game Suits You? Here’s a Little Guide to Get You Started

Where do you start your search for the best slot games UK when you can choose from hundreds of games? It depends what you want from your playing time. Maybe the possibility of a huge payout is the main draw for you, or perhaps you love the entertainment value and amazing graphics of themed games. Whether you like the simplicity of a three-reel slot or the complexity of a multi-bonus 25-line game, there’s a slot for you at one of the UK online casinos.

Know the Payouts at Online Casinos UK

Each slot game comes with its own paytable that tells you just how much you’ll get for each winning combination that hits a payline. Some pay more than others. Classic three-line slots without features have fewer winning combinations, and are likely to pay more per line win. A game with four or five different features may pay less per winning line because the slot game’s total payout is spread out to include payouts on the various bonus games. You can still win big, though. In Royal Masquerade, you can win up to 20 spins and 500,000 coins in the bonus round. Pay attention to minimum bet requirements. Some jackpots can’t be won unless you bet the required amount.

Have Fun with Online Slots UK

Play what you like. You can win money on all slot games, so you may as well choose a game that appeals to you. Most online casinos break down their slot games into categories to help you find the type of game you’re looking for. As well as “Popular” and “New Games” categories, you can locate your favourites in categories that range from “Classic Slots” to “Fairy Tales.” If you’re curious but not sold on a game, you can always play for fun to check it out. Just remember that free-play wins can’t be turned into cash payouts.

Slot Games with Free Spin Features

Free-spin bonus slots are considered by many to be the best slot games online. When you hit a free-spin feature, it feels like you’ve already won. And you actually have, because you get to play the game and spin the reels without paying any money. But that’s not all. Bonus rounds often include rich reels that make wins bigger. Wilds, multipliers, and respins in the bonus round enhance your chances of cashing in a serious win.

Hit the Jackpot with Online Casino Games

If you want to put yourself in the running for the really big money, try progressive slots. You get the spinning reels and paytable wins like other slot games, but you also get a shot at the additional progressive jackpot. The size of the ever-growing jackpot is based on the number of people playing the game. If it’s a local progressive slot game that can only be won at a particular casino, the jackpots won’t be insanely high because there will be fewer people playing the game. But it’s a different story for network progressive slots. These games are linked from several different casinos to create a huge pool of players that drives up the value of the progressive. Jackpots are massive. Just ask the lucky British soldier who won over £13 million playing the Mega Moolah progressive slot game.

In the end, any online casino game that pays well is likely to be your new favourite. If you win 800x your bet on the Respin of Fire, you might be inclined to add Fire Joker to your list of the best slot games online. After you try a variety of games at an online casino UK, you’re likely to find your niche. Then all you have to do is have fun and take home your winnings.