Pineapple Poker Rules – Texas Hold’em PlusOne

The game of poker is one of the oldest card games that are still played in the world and most poker players think of it as a timeless game whose excitement is not likely to fade away any time soon. Like any other timeless game, poker is always evolving and the types of poker games that are played today are really quite different from what was played during, say, the time of the American civil war. The two most popular poker games in the world are Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker. These two are essentially just the same in terms of rules and the only significant difference between them is in the number of hole cards. In a Texas Hold’em game, each player is assigned two hole cards that they can use in combination with the other cards on the deck. In Omaha poker, on the other hand, the players get extra hole cards so that each player begins the game with a total of 4 hole cards that they can use in combination with the other cards in the deck.

Pineapple poker rules

Pineapple poker, which is also sometimes referred to as crazy pineapple poker, is one of the newest variant of poker and which is essentially a combination of the two most popular poker games- Hold’em and Omaha. Think of it as a new poker game that blends the structure of Texas Hold’em poker with the unpredictability and volatility of an Omaha poker game. The specific Pineapple poker rules are quite similar to those of playing the other two poker games from which it is derived except for a few significant differences, namely;

  • Unlike the 2 cards in Texas Hold’em and three hole cards in Omaha poker, every player in a pineapple poker match it has given 3 hole cards. This makes it easier for players to flop in the game- including experienced and skilled players- because of the fact that it drastically increases the number of possible poker hands that a player can choose to play.
  • One of the three hole cards given to the players must be discarded before the end of the hand. This rule does not exist in any of the other two poker games and serves to add even more excitement to the game.

At least two players are needed at the table in order to play crazy online poker and the maximum number of players allowed in the game stands at 10. As is the case in most of the other regular poker games, each of the other players will be eliminated from the game one after another depending on their hands and how they choose to play them until only two players are left at the table. These two players remaining will then move to a showdown where they will play until one of them loses and the other, the victor, gets to walk away with the pot. The size of the pot also increases with every betting round as players post new blinds in each one.

How to play pineapple poker

Once you know how to play either Hold’em or Omaha poker then learning how to play pineapple poker should be easy enough. But that does not necessarily mean that you must know how to play the other games in order to be able to play pineapple poker since you can dig right in and learn the game directly. Here are a few things you need to know about how to play the game.

  1. Posting blinds- the two players seated immediately to the left of the dealer are the ones who post blinds at the start of every betting round. The player immediately on the dealer’s left posts the small blind while the player right next to the first one posts the big blind.
  2. Starting hands- the first round is the betting pre-flop which takes place once all players have received their hole cards face down. This is where players get the chance to do away with one of the hole cards and then decide to either raise, fold, bet or call depending on the strengths of their two remaining hole cards.
  3. The flop- the game gets to a flop after each player has made his decision and three community cards are placed at the center of the table, face up. Player who did not fold and who are still in the pot can then use the community cards along with their hole cards to try and put together a winning hand.